About Me



I trained in Sheffield and set-up my first workshop in 1998. I'm now based in Somerset, in the South West of England.

The sources of my design inspiration have always come from Nature, Love & Art.

My designs often evolve from visits to some of my favourite places; the woods,the seaside and the garden.   If I'm not in one of those places, I'll be found in an art gallery or flea market.


Spending happy childhood holidays in the Lake District, my maternal grandfather Doug would take us on enchanting woodland walks, pointing out all of the wildflowers and birds we saw along the way. And I always believed him when he said that fairies lived there.


My paternal Grandfather Septimus was all about the sea. He joined the navy when he was 15, then after 10 years became a North Sea trawlerman. He told me stories of sailing north for cod and seeing whales and polar bears. Both men lived through war and endured hard times, but fond memories of them and their stories still influence my work.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a maker is hearing how my pieces resonate with the people who buy my work. Customers often tell me how my designs unlock a precious memory or represent people or experiences close to their hearts, and so I've come to realise how emotionally powerful the moment of giving or receiving a piece of jewellery can be. Worn next to the skin we often form close attachments to significant pieces of jewellery, transforming them in our minds to charmed objects with the enhanced status of protective talisman.

Giving a piece of jewellery is a deep expression of love and affection, and we treasure our adornments like no other possession. So for me, being part of those profound connections is a great privilege.